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Packaging Knowledge is intended to provide a basic understanding of your flexible board, plastic and biodegradable packaging options. We cover products ranging from starch-based and plastic bags, polythene film, liners, sheeting, tubing, covers, sealers, ties right down to the humble cardboard box.

Our articles aim to provide an explanation of each specific product, a little of its history, how the product is made and its properties. We try to explain the common application of most plastic packaging products, standards and specification related to them, and where possible a list of suppliers across the world that can fulfil the packaging requirements for organisations seeking a packaging solution.

The website is aimed at consumers and businesses sourcing packaging on a regular basis and packaging manufacturers as a helpful place to source the latest innovation in the packaging world. At an individual level those newly involved in buying, sales or production wishing to learn about packaging, plus of course students who wish to understand the basics in their pursuit of academia (though we often pull short of diving in to the chemical complexity of plastics and polythene).

We aim to trigger every reader's curiosity in the hope that when you become an expert in the field, you will consider writing and submitting your own technical articles to help others learn more about the weird and wonderful world of packaging!

Sandy Badger
Editor, PK News