Covers (Garment and Pallet)


picture of garment and pallet covers

'Pallet covers' protects your goods against weather and dust. Ideal for over-wrapping of pallets or general covering of items in the warehouse or in transit. Pallet covers are usually manufactured using low density polythene. Also known as 'Polythene covers' or 'Protective covers'

'Garment covers' is the most economical way to protect your garment during storage or transit. Usually made out using ultrathin polythene with hanger hole and shaped shoulder. It is highly popular among dry cleaners/laundry companies. Laundry and Duvet bags are also used for the same purpose.

How it is made?

Most 'Pallet and Garment covers' are made from polyethylene; mostly from Low density polythene, which is made from crude oil and natural gas, non-renewable resources.

The most common way to produce 'polythene pallet or garment covers' is by blown film extrusion, also called the 'tubular film process'. However some pallet film also manufactured using Cast film.

Major UK Suppliers:

Product specification

Common materials used for 'Pallet Covers' and 'Garment Covers':

  • Low density polythene (LDPE)
  • Linear low density polythene (LLDPE)
  • Recycled polythene
  • Degradable polythene
  • Biodegradable polythene
  • Polypropylene (PP)

Available Thickness

From 80 Gauge(20microns) to 1000 Gauge(250microns)


Normally, 'Pallet and Garment Covers' in Great Britain should follow widely accepted industrial standards according to British Standard - see BS7344, 1990

  • Width: Plus or minus 3mm (0.125") or 2% whichever is greater
  • Length: Plus or minus 6mm (0.25") or 2% whichever is greater
  • Gauge: Plus or minus 10%

Options for Pallet and Garment covers


  • Low density polythene (LDPE)
  • Linear low density polythene (LLDPE)
  • Co-extruded
  • Recycled polythene
  • Degradable polythene
  • Biodegradable polythene
  • Polypropylene (PP)


  • Light/Tint coloured
  • Opaque coloured
  • Clear

Plain or printed 'Pallet and Garment Covers'

  • Plain
  • Printed in 1 colour
  • Printed in 2 colour
  • Printed in 3 colour

Folding/Packing options

  • Individually cut covers - Single covers
  • Centre-folded
  • Gusseted
  • Perforated on roll

Variety of 'Pallet Covers'

  • Clear/transparent low density (LDPE) Pallet covers: Pallet contents can be easily identified and remain clean and dust free.
  • Shrink Pallet covers: Fits like a second skin around the contours of the product when heat sealed with shrink gun. Ideal for stabilizing heavy loads in transit and for products that need to be sealed separately, or unusual shapes.
  • Centre-folded pallet covers: Ideal for easier handling and storage.
  • Black pallet covers: Conceals pallet loads and offers protection against sunlight.

Variety of 'Garment covers and bags'

  • Garment covers on roll: Clear Garment covers on the roll perforated either 36/48/60" to fit most shirt/suit/dress.
  • Laundry bags: Varigauge plain and printed laundry bags are popular in dry cleaning industry.
  • Duvet bags: Printed or plain duvet bag with reinforced handle ideal for presentation and protection.

Common area of application for 'Garment and Pallet covers'

  • Industrial - factory or warehouse
  • Domestic
  • Chemical
  • Grains
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Construction
  • Food industry
  • Packaging
  • Hotel
  • Retail sector
  • Dry cleaning industry

Unique Properties of 'Garment and Pallet covers'

  • economical
  • strong and durable
  • lightweight
  • weather resistant - protects against weather and dust
  • resistance to chemicals
  • make your product or service stands out

Common sizes of Garment, Pallet covers and Laundry bags

News - Pallet covers

Pallet Covers - pallet article by Damian Sofsian

Pallets are platforms that are used for transporting or storing things. They are used especially in industries like factories, warehouses, retail, food storage, grains, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc. Pallets are often placed in rough industrial conditions with high humidity, pollution, and dust levels. It is thus very important to use covers for protecting the pallets.

Pallet covers not only protect the pallets from dust but also provide insulation against excessive humidity, thus lowering the chance of rusting, scratches, and corrosion. They also protect wooden pallets from insects and keep the contents of the pallets safe. They also keep the pallets separated from one another. Pallet covers are a very cost-effective alternative to cardboard boxes.

There are different kinds of pallet covers: clear, flat polyethylene, heavy duty/light duty, waterproof, disposable/reusable, etc. Pallet covers are also available in various sizes. They can also be ordered as per requirements. Pallet covers are generally ordered in bulk. Sizes range from 72" to 102" in length for short as well as tall pallets. There are also perforated covers available in the form of a roll. Some covers have pleated sides for flexibility in expansion. Some suppliers provide reusable pallet covers that are made of durable canvas, suitable for all weather conditions. These covers are also resistant to mildew and mould. Other attractions include Velcro openings for easy accessibility, draw cords at the bottom for insulation, double-thick canvas surface, etc.

Pallet cover prices range from $120 for a 90-quantity roll to $260 for a 100-quantity roll, depending upon the size and the quality of the cover. Pallet covers are also custom designed to suit individual requirements. They are available in different colours as well as with personalized logos or markings on the cover for a customized look.

Pallet covers can be ordered online at exclusive manufacturer websites. The internet is a good source for comparing prices and options of various products. There are many sites that provide information about pallet covers.

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