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Antistatic Bags and Conductive Bags

Ever wondered what antistatic bags are, what it is used for and where to buy antistatic bags and conductive bags. Find answers to all your question on antistatic bags or static sheilding bags here.

If you need a specific size, thickness, colour or print, on antistatic bags then please write or call to our top supplier who will give your inquiry immediate and personal attention, helping you to get the answers you need right.

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Bag Ties and Sealers

A unique essay on 'Bag ties and Sealers' includes an introduction on bag ties and sealers, guides you to select the Bag Sealer of your need by explaining types of bag sealer, materials used in bag sealing and product selection.

In end it also list the industry served by 'Bag sealer and Ties', options available in Bag Ties and News.

Bubble film and bags

'Bubble film and bags' essay covers an interesting fact about history of bubble wrap, how bubble wrap packaging is made, lists major UK suppliers and benefits of bubble wrap.

More importantly, this essay unfolds the tips for proper use of bubble wrap, explains the common uses and unusual uses.

And at last, its fun packed with bubble wrap humour, fun ideas, news and games to play if you are bored!

Carrier bags

An interesting 'Carrier bags' essay kicks-off with introduction on Carrier bags, how carrier bags made, types of carrier bags available, standards and important technical specifications for carrier bags.

In addition essay lists common uses of Carrier bags and lists uses of used Carrier bags.

More importantly, this essay unfolds the tips to acquire Carrier bags cost-effectively, answers to environmental issues concerning Carrier bags.

And at last, its fun packed with humorous Cartoons, Jokes and News related to Carrier bags.

Clear Polythene bags

'Clear Polythene bags' essay covers an interesting fact about how polythene film and plastic bags are made, highlights different options available in Clear Polythene bags, list of major UK suppliers, applicable standards to use Clear Polythene bags in contact with food and medical use.

And, it also lists common and unusual uses of Clear Polythene bags.

Covers(garment and pallet)

Elabourated 'Garment and Pallet covers' essay starts with introduction and how it is made. It also covers options available in Covers(garment and pallet) and lists major UK suppliers.

This is not all. This essay also details product specifications, explains common application areas for Garment and Pallet covers, lists its unique properties.

At last, it offers you a place to buy common sizes of Garment and Pallet covers or just read the news associated with Pallet covers.

Degradable and Biodegradable bags

Green and Appealing 'Degradable/Biodegradable bags' begins with argument and answers on why degradable or biodegradable film/bags, what is the difference between degradable and biodegradable, what they are made of?

This concise essay resolves your battling questions such as what are my options for polythene film and what is my best environmental and commercial choice of film?

At last it lists major UK suppliers of degradable/biodegradable film/bag, product specifications, common uses, common sizes and place to buy some of these bags to feel-good.

Oh! also check the latest news (trends of major local supermarkets) and an example of Degradable/Biodegradable -the COMPOBAG.

High Tensile bags or film

This concise essay will provide an insight of popular 'High tensile bags'. It begins with introduction and opens up the secret of how HT(high tensile) bags are made.

It details an options available in High tensile bags, lists major UK suppliers, product specifications, common areas of applications, advanced features (a success behind its popularity!) and definition of terms used in relation with HT(high tensile) bags/film.

And also, provides you standards to consider when buying HT(high tensile) bags for food and medical applications, links to buy common sizes of this superior thus cheap HT bags and news.

Mailing and Courier bags

Our 'Mailing and Courier bags' essay begins with an introduction to mailing bags and how they are made. It also covers types of mailing bags to suit your applications, lists major UK suppliers, highlights benefits of mailing bags, lists technical specifications to consider when buying a mailing/courier bags and provides hints when purchasing mailing/courier bags.

This detailed essay also includes common applications of mailing and courier bags and lists advantages of Polybubble mailers to conventional paper mailers. Plus check our funny news to laugh aloud.

Mini-Grip and Slider Grip bags

'Mini-Grip and Slider Grip bags' essay starts with introduction and history of Mini-Grip and Slider Grip bags. It also covers variety of different names for Minigrip bags, options available in Minigrip bags, lists popular Minigrip and Slider bags and list of major UK suppliers.

These not all; this essay also details product specifications, standards to consider to use Minigrip/Slidergip bags in food and medical applications.

At last, explains the common uses, list of industry served and news associated with Minigrip/Slider grip bags.

Plastic bags

'Plastic bags' essay covers an interesting fact about history of plastics bags, how plastic bags are made, options available in plastic bags/film, list of major UK suppliers, standards of plastic bags for food and medical use and also enriched with common and exciting uses listed for plastic bags.

And, these not all, this detailed essay also includes research news on plastic bags, unusual uses of plastic bags, jokes on plastic bags and many more. So, broaden your understanding on plastic bags.

Polytubing and Sheeting

An interesting and popular essay on 'Poly-tubing and Sheeting' kicks-off with introduction on Polytubing and Sheeting, how it is made, available options in Polytubing/Sheeting, standards to consider for using Polytubing/Sheeting in contact with food and medical applications.

In addition essay lists common areas of applications, unique properties of Polytubing and Sheeting and advantages.

And at last, it is packed fun and creative ideas using Bubble wrap.

Presentation and Retail bags

This concise essay will give take you to the glamorous world of 'Presentation and Retail bags'. It begins with introduction and how presentation and retail bags are made. Then, it explores an options available in presentation and retail bags, lists major UK suppliers.

Also, explains common uses and advantages of Presentation and Retail bags. And at last, provides you standard and specification to consider when buying a Presentation and Retail bags.

Specialist bags

A comprehensive 'Specialist bags' essay covers an introduction on Specialist bags; explains material, unique properties and typical use of Specialist bags'

In addition essay lists major UK suppliers, unfolds standards to consider when using Specialist bags in food and medical applications and lists unusual uses.

And at last, it caters you with a place to buy some common Specialist bags.

Waste bags and Sacks

'Waste bags and Sacks' essay covers an interesting fact about history of garbage bags, how garbage bags are made, variety of different names for Waste bags and sacks, list of major UK suppliers, applicable standards for bin liners(waste liners) to use for food contact(to hold paints, inks, powders and food items) and medical applications, and options available for waste bags and sacks.

An essay also explains myth behind popular 'waste bags and sacks', provides you with an advise to select the right material for your Waste bags and sacks, lists common area of applications and advantages.

In the end, essay enriches your knowledge by providing creative ideas using waste bags (turn your waste bags into fashion) and some funny definition and news associated with Waste bags and Sacks.