Mailing bags, courier bags and polythene mailers

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Mailing and courier bags are designed for protecting products and delivery of those products. Plastic mailing bags are lightweight, saves money on postage and water resistant.

How are mailing bags made?

Mailing bags are mainly made from paper or plastic. Nowadays, most plastic mailing bags are made of Polyolefin's and they are either mono or co-extruded.

Types of mailing bags to suit applications

  • Economy lightweight postal mailers: Economy range for simple but effective protection - plain and coloured mailers plus the Maillite range with a pre-printed address window. The cheapest way to send literature to your customers and staff and much lighter than paper envelopes.
  • Blue opaque mail-order goods bags: A range of good value strong bags ideal for 'mail order' sales. Ideal for garments and a myriad of online or catalogue products. The bags are an attractive opaque metallic blue and are strong without being too thick and so expensive. A best seller line for eBay and PayPal customers selling their products on-line.
  • Heavy duty postal mailers: Thicker opaque mailers in a strong co-extruded material where you need to be sure that the mailer can withstand some rough handling in transit.
  • Large heavy duty courier sacks: Massively popular range of large and very large courier sacks with double seals. It is tough quality !
  • Metallic high impact silver mailers: 'Premium Quality' metallic silver mailing envelopes - ideal for high impact mailings.
  • Security mailers: Extra thick (360 gauge) white opaque mailers with a Tamper Evident Sealing Strip. The welds have a side skirt as well to give extra security to the package - for that top secret document!
  • Tamper evident mailers: Range of tamper evident bags available in clear as well as opaque for when bag contents need to be identified.
  • Superlight bubble mailers: The lightest protective envelope on the market today ! The stock range comes in white and silver sizes - waterproof too!
  • Featherpost 'jiffy style' padded mailers: The standard paper padded envelope with a self seal strip for closure. This range is bubble lined rather than pulp filled so whilst being padded to protect contents they are also very light.
  • Document enclosed envelopes: Adhesive backed pouches to give your despatch a professional look - adhere directly onto boxes or pallets with an extremely strong tack adhesive.
  • Paper feel plastic envelopes: A plastic envelopes with the feel of paper (but much stronger and waterproof of course).

Major UK suppliers:

  • Polybags - manufacturers of mailing bags and envelopes
    Polybags Ltd is a manufacturer and distributor of mailing bags, oyster envelopes, plastic mailers, polythene bags, plastic film and alternative biodegradable packaging. Included on their catalogue is a big selection of mailing bags ranging from economy postal mailers to rigid mailers and postal boxes. Free delivery to UK, worldwide options.
  • Polythene mailers gives information about the different types of polythene mailers, mailing bags and courier bags available for posting packed items. Provides news and views on mailing bag ranges and product innovations. Selected information on where to buy featured mailers and other types of mailing envelopes.
  • Mailing bags
    Specialist supplier of mailing bags, polythene mailers, courier bags and plastic envelopes. Discount ranges and high-impact ranges for all your mail and postal packaging needs.
  • Mail order bags
    At you will find out more about mailing bags, mailing envelopes and plastic mailers, and also where to buy all these mail order bags for the right price.

Benefits of Mailing bags

  1. Mailing bags protect your product
  2. Mailing bags look professional
  3. Mailing bags are attractive - can be custom printed in large quantities
  4. Mailing bags are available in many sizes types, styles, and with different types of cushioning
  5. Mailing bags are useful for fragile items
  6. Mailing bags are reusable
  7. Mailing bags are customer friendly

Product specification

Options for mailing and courier bags

  1. Clear or coloured
  2. Plain or printed
  3. Mailing envelopes with write on panels
  4. Mailing envelopes with self seal - peel off strip for a permanent seal

Available thickness:

80 gauge (20 micron) to 1000 gauge (250 micron)

Common materials used for mailing bags:

  • Plastics - Low density polythene (LDPE), high density polythene (HDPE), nylon, vinyl and metallocene
  • Paper
  • Recycled plastic or paper mailing bags
  • Biodegradable mailing bags


Normally, plastic mailing bags/courier bags in Great Britain should follow widely-accepted industrial standards according to British Standards - see BS7344, 1990

  • Width: Plus or minus 3mm (0.125") or 2%, whichever is greater
  • Length: Plus or minus 6mm (0.25") or 2%, whichever is greater
  • Gauge: Plus or minus 10%

Common application of mailing or courier bags

Mailing products such as:

  • Mail order: catalogues/e-com fulfillment/pharmacies (prescription drugs)
  • Premium/incentive fulfillment/advertising/direct marketing
  • Office products catalogues and wholesalers
  • Government - local, state, federal and lotteries
  • Prospectuses
  • Banking / Financial
  • Mail room applications
  • Parts
  • Uniforms
  • Printed materials
  • Diagnostic specimens
  • Evidence containment
  • Courier envelopes
  • Art and photography
  • Audio / Visual / Computer media
  • Book distribution
  • Clothing and jewellery
  • Cosmetics / Toiletries
  • Electronics / Computer parts
  • Industrial and electrical parts
  • Medical / Pharmaceutical / Dental
  • Office supplies
  • Printed material
  • Samples, promotional items

Saving ££ on postage cost

Packaging fragile items

Multitude of industry applications

Hints when purchasing mailing or courier bags

  1. Choose the correct style and size for your specific needs.
  2. Decide whether you want a lip on the bag or even a lip and tape closure.
  3. Check to see if there other styles or types of mailing bags that might solve your shipping needs.
  4. Make sure your bag is big enough to hold your product so that the seams do not split.
  5. Make sure that your bag is strong enough so that it can handle the weight or your product. Remember that if your bag rips, your product could be damaged.

Buy common mailing and courier bags

Advantages of 'poly bubble mailers' and 'poly courier mailers' to conventional paper mailers

  • Water resistant
  • Tough and tear-resistant bags
  • Self-sealing
  • Cleaner in appearance
  • Lightweight to save on shipping/postage
  • Tamper-evident
  • Strong seams to allow for overstuffing

News on plastic mailers

Whatever you are mailing

There are so many postage solutions on the market these days that you'll be spoilt for choice.

Dont let bulky mail linger in your spare room. There are many postage solutions on the market for parcels of all descriptions.

With the advent of internet sites that allow you to sell your unwanted belongings, postage solutions have become all the rage.

If youre thinking of mailing items on a regular basis, it might be a good idea to buy your stationery in bulk. Packaging tape, cellophane, mailing labels, bubble wrap and padded envelopes can all be ordered in large quantities, to cut down on costs.

Many internet suppliers can provide postage solutions that will be perfect for that impromptu gift or birthday present. Presentation boxes and gift tags are available in almost every colour you can imagine. Modern metallic shades can be great to give an edge, or to ensure that your Christmas presents have that extra sparkle.

Reference: NetBusiness

Mailer Envelope helps prevent product damage

Made of plastic film, Easy Open Poly Mailer features one-pull tear strip that simplifies opening. It is printable and can be customized with retailers and carriers' brands. Mailer is also available with double adhesive sealer strips for reuse for return shipping. It comes in multiple sizes and with bubble-wrap cushioned sides for shipping items that need added protection.

Advanced Design Simplifies Opening to Prevent Product Damage

CHICAGO (November 8, 2004) - 3M (NYSE: MMM), the industry leader in packaging tapes and equipment, announced today the availability of the 3M Easy Open Poly Mailer at the 2004 Pack Expo Conference. The patented design of the 3M easy open poly mailer provides a unique one-pull tear strip that simplifies opening poly mailer shipping envelopes.

The 3M easy open poly mailer is made of strong plastic film and features a user-friendly internal tear tape with a die-cut pull tab. 3M poly mailers are printable and can be customized with retailers and carriers' own brands. 3M easy open poly mailers are also available with double adhesive sealer strips for reuse for return shipping. The tear strip of the easy open poly mailer is more durable and resistant to premature opening in the transportation environment than poly mailers with perforated tear strips. The 3M easy open poly mailer is available in multiple sizes and with bubble-wrap cushioned sides for shipping items that need added protection.

"Consumers who have difficulty opening poly mailer packages may accidentally damage the contents when using scissors or a knife to open them," said David Wagner, marketing manager, 3M Industrial Tapes and Adhesives Division. "The convenient tear strip opening feature of the 3M easy open poly mailer can help prevent content damage, reduce product return costs for retailers or carriers and enhance the company's image."

Customers including Canada Post, Canada's postal service are using the 3M easy open poly mailer shipping envelopes. The 3M easy open poly mailer is available through 3M and suppliers such as Belle-Pak Packaging, Inc., Markham, Canada.

For information on the full line of 3M Poly-mailer products stop by the 3M booth (N-3643).


Security Tamper Evident Courier Bags

Tamper evident bags are made to hold cash, coin, valuable documents, evidence, and anything else that you want to store or ship that needs to be secure

Tamper evident bags come in different sizes and gauges. The gauge is the thickness.

Banks and courier companies are some of the biggest users of tamper-evident bags.

It's been widely used by the companies who want their product or documents or contents to be seen by the users. It offers economical, low unit cost, lightweight, low posting costs, fast and easy to use, durable, waterproof and tamper proof security.

It is designed to be used by the courier companies and online marketers to ship their consignments, storing and transporting evidences, samples and other valuable items such as forensic evidence, batch samples.

Benefits of courier bags:

  1. Courier bags protect your product.
  2. Courier bags look professional.
  3. Courier bags are attractive - can be custom printed in large quantities.
  4. Courier bags are available in many sizes types, styles, and with different types of cushioning.
  5. Courier bags are useful for fragile items.
  6. Courier bags are reusable.
  7. Courier bags are customer friendly.

Material colors:

  • White outside and gray/black inside (opaque) polyethylene
  • Recommended for confidential mailing.
  • Modwrap envelopes can be personalized to the client's specification for quantities from a 500 pieces to millions of pieces.

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This article was kindly provided by Mr. Ashish Malik.

Funny news

Homophobic postal workers hijacking gay magazines

I live in Oakland, CA in the San Francisco Bay Area. A few weeks ago, I realized that I was missing issues from my OUT and The Advocate subscriptions since December. When I called the publishers' customer service line, they told me the issues had been returned by the Post Office as "Undeliverable". I haven't moved, nothing has changed about my mailbox. These subscriptions had been coming for several years to this same address without any problems. My other magazine subscriptions (WIRED, MacWorld, Premiere, Entertainment Weekly) have all been delivered without problems. There was no logical explanation for why the missing magazines would have been "undeliverable". It was a strange coincidence that both missing magazines were gay news magazines, both are delivered in opaque plastic mailers. I've reported the matter to the local PO Station which sorts mail for delivery for my route and had the publishers take the hold off my subscription. We'll see if the issues show up. I was wondering if anyone else has had delivery problems with their subscriptions to OUT, The Advocate or other gay news magazines. I'd also like to get help tracking which issues have been sent out and received. If other Advocate and OUT subscribers could post here the date they receive issues and which issues they received, it would help me keep tabs on delivery issues. Also if any staff from LPI reads this, I would be interested in bringing this to your attention and finding out how prevalent a problem this is. I've posted to another gay forum and so far one other person responded that they had a similar issue. The PO was at first reluctant to take action until the person had his lawyer contact the Post Office and the PO assigned a new mail carrier to the route. It's a Federal crime to tamper with the mail and mail delivery, I would hope that PO employees would also be subject to the same laws.

Plain Discrete Packaging! - Lovers' Cave

Heavy Duty Mailer

Heavy duty packages. Ideal for none breakable items such as condoms and garments, all items are wrapped in bubble wrap for extra protection. Your package can not be identified by trying to feel what's hidden inside.

Tear proof: Manufactured from a three-layer polythene based co-extruded film. 100% waterproof!

Reference: Lovers' Cave Parcels