Mini-Grip, Ziplock and Slider-Grip Bags


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Minigrip (self-seal) Bags are closed at the top by squeezing the interlocking zipper together. Many brand names such as Zip Lock, Resealable, Gripseal, Reclosable or minigrip describe this type of bag. Ideal where you want to secure contents and avoid leakage or contamination, no need of bag-sealer, staples or tape.

Slider grip bags have a slider profile that enables you to slide open and shut the bag, perfect for document storage.

History of Minigrip and SliderGrip bags

  • 1954 First resealable zipper solutions licensed by Minigrip® for use in the United States
  • 1959 Minigrip® manufactures first integral zipper plastic bag in the United States, marketing their revolutionary new product through industrial packaging distributors
  • 1968 Dow Chemical licenses Minigrip technology to produce resealable packaging and introduces Ziploc® food storage bags to consumers
  • 1991 ITW purchases Dow's share of Zip-Pak business, forms Minigrip/Zip-Pak, and expands into new resealable packaging markets
  • 1998 Zip-Pak introduces UltraSeal" zipper designed to seal at lower temperatures, increase output, and improve operating efficiencies
  • 1999 Zip-Pak introduces ZIP-PAK® SLIDER", the slider zipper technology for use on Pre-made Pouch equipment
  • 2001 Minigrip/Zip-Pak adds SliderGripTM bags to its product line
  • 2002 Zip-Pak develops the first TD Slider and Thermo/Form/Fill/Seal Slider zippers
  • 2004 Minigrip/Zip-Pak launches anti-tarnish product line into the jewelry market through a major jewelry distributor

Variety of different names for Minigrip bags

  • Reclosable Poly Bags
  • Resealable Poly Bags
  • Selfseal bags
  • Grip seal bags
  • Ziplock Poly Bags
  • Zip Lock Poly Bags
  • Ziploc® Poly Bags (SC Johnson and Son Inc. brand name)
  • Zip Lok Poly Bags
  • Zip Top Poly Bags
  • Zipper Top Poly Bags
  • Zipper Poly Bags
  • Minigrip® Poly Bags (Minigrip/Zip-Pak® brand name)

Options for Minigrip bags

  • Clear Reclosable Poly Bags
  • Clear Reclosable Parts Poly Bags
  • Clear Reclosable Poly Bags with White Write-on Block
  • Minigrip® Reclosable Poly Bags
  • Minigrip® Reclosable Poly Bags with White Write-on Block
  • Minigrip® SliderGrip" Poly Bags
  • Reclosable Bubble Bags
  • Minigrip® Transparent Pink Anti-static Reclosable Poly Bags
  • Reclosable Transparent Metallic Static Shielding Bags
  • Plain Minigrip(gripseal) bag: Made from transparent polythene, grip seal bags are ideal for collating a number of small items, or sending manuals or documents where reclosure is important
  • Minigrip(gripseal) bags with write on panels: A panelled range gripseal bag with 3 matt white write-on-panels. Mark easily with pen, marker, rubber stamp or grease pencil. No need for label!
  • Heavy duty gripseal bags: Strong and burst resistant gripseal bag made out using thicker polythene material. Ideal for heavy-duty items
  • Specimen bag: A minigrip bag with an attached pouch for record cards, Outer pouch keeps paperwork separate and secure. Used in hospitals and medical labs to safely transfer specimens and paperwork
  • Antistatic gripseal bags: Electronics industry standard antistatic bags. Ideal for electrical component packing
  • Amber gripseal bags: Maximum UVI protection for light sensitive products. Recommended for electronics, computer parts and film
  • Coloured gripseal bags: Color code your products or inventory. Easy to open and close, Resists dust, dirt and moisture, Durable zipper resists splitting
  • Slider grip bags: Slider lock glides easily across bag, protecting contents from dirt and moisture. Ideal for school project work, offices document collation etc

Major UK Suppliers:

Advantages of Mini-grip, Ziplock and Slidergrip bags:

  • enable flexible packages to easily open and close
  • help keep food items fresher and non-food items better contained
  • mostly food use approved according to US and European norm
  • heavy-duty gripseal bags have extra strength for packaging heavier products such as spare parts, samples, and documentation
  • also protects contents from dirt, dust and moisture when closed
  • no sealers or bag closures needed
  • durable and reusable
  • can be also Freezer safe, acid free and archival safe.
  • high clarity

Standards for reclosable minigrip / grip-seal bags to use for food contact and medical application:

Food Contact - To use reclosable minigrip / grip-seal bags inside European Union, in contact with food should comply with the relevant legislation on food contact including Great Britain.

  • Great Britain: Statutory Instrument, 1998 No. 1376 and BPF-BIBRA (1995), Polymer Specification 4, Polyethylene
  • EU: Commission Directive 90/128/EEC, 92/39/EEC, 93/9/EEC, 95/3/EEC and 96/11/EC, Section A
  • Example of a company comply with food contact: Polybags Limited

Medical use - Similarly, to use reclosable minigrip / grip-seal bags inside European Union, to produce containers for preparations for medico-pharmaceutical purposes should comply with the following regulation:

  • European Pharmacopoeia - Monograph 3.1.3 "Polyolefin's" for medico-pharmaceutical purposes
  • The final responsibility for the decision of whether a material is fit for a particular application lies with the pharmaceutical firm
  • Example of a company comply with medical use: Polybags Limited

Product specification

Available thickness:

Mostly: 60 gauge (15 micron) to 400 gauge (100 micron)

Common materials used for minigrip and slidergrip bags:

  • Plastics - polyethylene and mainly LDPE
  • Recycled polythene bags


Normally, minigrip and slidergrip bags in Great Britain should follow widely accepted industrial standards according to British Standard - see BS7344, 1990

  • Width: Plus or minus 3mm (0.125") or 2%, whichever is greater
  • Length: Plus or minus 6mm (0.25") or 2%, whichever is greater
  • Gauge: Plus or minus 10%

Common uses of mini-grip and slider-grip bags

  • Contract packaging
  • Electronics
  • Food service
  • Heathcare (medical)
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouse and material handling supplies

Industry served by minigrip bags

  • Automotive
  • Jewellery
  • Healthcare
  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Sports
  • Toys
  • Law enforcement
  • Collectibles
  • Crafts and hobbies
  • Manufacturing
  • Government
  • Technology
  • Institutional
  • Clothing
  • Safety
  • Labs / testing etc.

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Minigrip and slider bag - NEWS

Reclosable mailer highlights Redken hair colour

For a market defined by image, a flexible film "envelope" containing promotional billboards for Redken's Colour Fusion hair colour line (13) distributed to beauty salons last September was the epitome of chic. A 20 x 13-in. gravure-printed pouch with a zipper closure, the mailer gives new style to marketing materials typically enclosed in plain paper or plastic wrap.

Says Jane Dirr, president of Specialty Films and Associates, Inc., which received a silver award in packaging excellence for its converting of the project, "This package presents an entirely new way to view mailers and the part they play in sending a message about a company's philosophy and presence. The package allows the mailer to be the marketing tool."

Graphics, designed by Redken's in-house creative group, provide a surrealistic feel. Gravure-printed on a metallic polyester laminate, they present a head-and-shoulder view of a young model, awash in shimmering shades of burnt orange and gold. Sparse but striking silver-metallic type displays the product name, while the Redken logo is prominently depicted in the mailer's lower right-hand corner. Enclosed are four "billboards" to be used throughout the salon to promote the Color Fusion line.

Through the inclusion of a press-to-close zipper from Minigrip across the pouch top, the mailer becomes reclosable and, in effect, reusable. "The idea was that when the pouch was opened by the salon, it would stay intact and could be used for storage," explains Dirr, "Whereas, if the pouch was heat-sealed, it would have to be cut open, and if a tear-notch were used, the pouch could become torn during opening."

The film construction-a 48-ga metallized PET laminated to a 3.5-mil LDPE-was chosen because of its ability to achieve the aesthetics desired for the application. In addition, its ease of handling characteristics were a factor, as the 28,000 mailers were filled manually at Redken's Hebron, KY, distribution center.

The job, which uses four process and three line colours plus an overprint varnish supplied by Sun Chemical, was printed on 10-colour Schiavi gravure press and laminated on a Comexi solventless laminator. Says Dirr, the mystical nature of the pouch's images made the job especially challenging, "as it was very difficult to identify on-press if there were any print issues."

While clearly a more expensive alternative to the standard paper or clear film envelopes usually used, the zippered pouch, notes Buddy Schnapp, Redken's senior director of purchasing, is worth its weight in gold. "Our customers are always looking for more image-type pieces," he says. "This mailer created more of a 'buzz'; there was much more excitement expressed by the salons when they received it." Circle No. 620.

Reference: Packaging Digest

Prolific 'Reclosable' Bags - Fun

There are reclosable bags on just about anything that you might want to buy these days. You can get cheese with reclosable bags, deli meats with their own stay fresh seal, and lots of other food type products.

When I needed more socks my wife purchased a package and brought it home. I didn't look at it right away, but when I did I noticed that I too came with a resealable bag. I'm not sure, but it could be so that when I take a pair out I can reseal it and the remaining pairs would stay fresh. There are of course other explanations:

  • People continue using the high quality bags to store their socks
  • If you only want to buy one pair, open the bag and leave the rest in the store
  • If you need to return them to the store, they will still be in their "stay fresh" packaging